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    Airbrush Makeup

    Airbrush is my  absolute favourite application for all of my makeup clients.

    With high definition cameras, the images are so much clearer but this also means your blemishes and imperfections are more visible.

    The more makeup you wear the more you can see which makes it look thick and heavy, and not pleasing to the eye.

    Airbrush makeup is a high definition product and was designed for TV and film.

    When it’s applied by a gun it releases the product as tiny particles which leaves a flawless finish without looking heavy.

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    High definition

    To avoid the cakey texture under the glare of the TV cameras, airbrush makeup camouflages blemishes and imperfections while still appearing visible. Airbrushing breaks down the product into tiny beads which is invisible to the naked eye. It is the tiny particles that make it perfect for HD and film.

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    It‘s hygienic

    It’s no secret that we are living in a society that demands extra precautions when it comes to hygiene. Airbrush makeup is applied via a gun so you don’t need makeup brushes or sponges. Airbrush can also be applied to the eyes and lips.

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    Durable Makeup

    Airbrush makeup is an ultra fine concentrated mist that absorbs directly into the skin. It doesn’t sit on your skin like normal makeup which gives it longer durability so it lasts all day – up to 18 hours – and it doesn’t need topping up. 

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    Natural finish

    Only a light coat of airbrush is needed to achieve full coverage so there’s no need for a heavy application. Airbrush makeup is lightweight so it doesn’t clog your pores, allowing the skin to breathe.

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    Weather resistant

    Airbrush makeup is heat and waterproof. The silicone in the product makes it resistant to heat so you can sweat and it will still stay on making it a great choice for hot climates. It’s also transfer resistant once dry.

See the professional results of airbrush makeup for yourself.

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