Creative makeup adds that wow factor to any festival or fancy dress party. From seasonal ideas, such as Halloween, or if you just want that extra look, I can help using the power + creativity of latex, prosthetics and makeup.

Commonly asked questions about creative makeup. What you should know before you book in for your creative makeup session.

Q. How Long Does a Creative Makeup Session Take?

A. A Creative makeup session can take anything from 1.5 hours+ depending on the look you want.

Please be advised, bookings of more than three people will require another artist/s due to the time it takes to create a look.

Q. Are props etc. included?

A. No. Props such as contact lenses, wigs and headpieces are not provided.

Q. How Much Does Creative Makeup Cost?

A. Creations are charged based on the look and time it will take.

Latex and prosthetic creations will cost more so please bear that in mind before enquiring.


Makeup that will transform you into a Halloween Ghoul, or your favourite superhero and more. Dare to be your alter ego!

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